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BELOVED Compassion Network offers a variety of compassion education programs for groups, teams, and organizations to learn, teach, and embody compassion.

Compassion programs for organizations can be tailored and customized to suit your organization’s unique context, background, and goals. We also offer both virtual and in-person formats, so that your entire team can join, no matter where they are.

BCN’s compassion programs teach a unique set of contemplative skills for wisely assessing and appropriately transforming personal, interpersonal, social, economic, and political dynamics. These skills enable people to deepen their capacities for compassionate working, collaborating, and living through:

  • Personal practices of reflection, self-understanding, self-compassion, and decision-making that form non-reactive behavior
  • Interpersonal practices of guided meditation, communication, compassion, and wise, creative actions that heal broken relationships
  • Practices of social change that analyze, engage, and transform strife-torn situations within and between organizations, communities, and groups

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