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BELOVED Compassion Network (BCN) has been teaching and facilitating the Compassion Practice since 2016. Its healing and transforming power has been especially impactful in the lives and ministries of Emerging Clergy and seminarians already serving in ministry.

The best witness comes from BCN’s students and practitioners. In the videos and written testimonies below, we hope you will hear their passion for the Compassion Practice and how they have learned to savor their own belovedness and to celebrate the belovedness of others all in the presence of God.

“Everybody believes in compassion, but nobody tells you how to practice it.  Until now.”

The Compassion Practice is a practical guide for how to love God, love the people in our lives, and love ourselves in healing and generative ways, especially in times of crisis.

In justice work and ministry alike, the Compassion Practice provides a healing space and a source of energy from which we can care for ourselves and extend care to others.

Through the Compassion Practice, we can truly "walk the talk" as followers of Jesus — seeing the Divine in our neighbors, in all their messy humanity, and when we look in the mirror, when it's hard to see it in ourselves.

Why the Compassion Practice?

The Compassion Practice is unique and uniquely suited for healing and transforming, especially for Emerging Clergy and serving seminarians, strengthening their faith and enriching their ministries. Here’s why:


The Compassion Practice affirms the belovedness of all of God’s children.


The Compassion Practice incorporates a “you-turn” to address personal fears, longings, woundedness and obstructed gifts.


The Compassion Practice invites God’s presence into the healing and growing process.


The Compassion Practice teaches that compassion is not complete unless it is expressed in concrete actions that ease the suffering and promote the flourishing of oneself, others, or, most often, both!