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50 Days in Sacred Presence

Welcome to 50 Days in Sacred Presence!

Seekers of healing and wholeness are setting aside time each day to “soak in the sweet spot” of life experiences that feel sacred or expansive, moments of heightened presence, deep peace, connection, or vitality.  These moments of awe and wonder are glimpses of what life is like when we are intimately connected with the source of infinite compassion that holds the universe. 

Remembering Sacred Moments Guided Practice

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What is 50 Days in Sacred Presence?

It’s a 50-day contemplative experience designed to create intentional time to simply be in the presence of the Sacred, however you define it. You’re invited to set an intention to practice the Remembering Sacred Moments meditation of the Compassion Practice each day for 50 days. Download a PDF of the meditation here.

How do I get involved?

It’s simple — for 50 days (or as often possible over 50 days) create space in each day to practice the Remembering Sacred Moments meditation.

If you have not already used our online form to “sign up” for 50 days and want a more guided experience, sign up by clicking here.  You will receive occasional email reminders, reflections, and words of encouragement during the 50 days.

Why is “Remembering Sacred Moments” important
to our health
and wellbeing?

When we remember and reenter sacred moments, we attune our hearts to the PULSE OF COMPASSION that flows throughout the universe. When we are in rhythm with this source of infinite compassion, our “core self” or “true self” overflows with genuine compassion for self and others. When we are so empowered, we can bring healing to our own lives and bring wholeness to the world around us.

When we remember and reenter sacred moments, we reinforce the brain pathways that help us access “life-generating” thoughts, impulses and emotions. Our amygdala responds to fearful or stressful experiences with “fight, flight, or freeze.” The more these responses are activated within us, the more habitual they become.  In extreme cases, “fight, flight or freeze” can become the default responses to every life experience. Reliving “life-generating” experiences can strengthen our ability to respond with calm, curiosity, courage and compassion. In time, these can become our default responses to every life experience.

When we remember and reenter sacred moments, we choose an identity grounded in better stories.  The stories we choose to tell and choose not to tell truly do shape our lives.  All too often, we tell ourselves and others unhealthy stories. Our negativity can become like a contest — “You think you’ve got it bad.  Let me tell you how bad it is with me.” This is a path to depression, disorder, and even habitual victimization. Telling healthy stories is a path to emotional, spiritual, and physical resilience.

The life force of the universe beats to the pulse of compassion. When we settle into our caring and connected cores, we move in time with the divine. Our hearts beat as one with the heartbeat of eternity. Each act of care – be it simple or radical – bears a gift to others or ourselves from the infinite expanse of love that holds all. It is the...sacred kindness that we [bring to] our broken and beaten-up planet. And when we do so, we can trust that it does not sit there idly; it multiplies...compassion will encompass our world."

About Your Instructor

Dale Suggs

The core values that shape Dale’s life and work are grace, inclusion, and compassion. These values fuel Dale’s passion for creating compassionate space for individuals and families struggling with mental health, for the LGBTQIA+ community, and for those excluded or injured just because of who they are. Dale is committed to making radical compassion a way of life and teaching others how to do the same.

Professionally, Dale has served 33 years as a congregational pastor, four years as a Hospice Chaplain, 17 years as a Spiritual Director, and eight years as a teacher and Certified Facilitator of the Compassion Practice.

Dale is known for his speaking, retreat facilitating, and keynoting on the subjects of mental health, spiritual deepening, and making compassion a way of life. Dale spends much of his time developing and teaching workshops, seminars, and retreats on topics including cultivating compassion, forgiving, being shaped by the stories we tell, tending spiritual roots, developing resilience, and releasing the flow of blessings.

Dale has been married to Shelly Suggs for 40 years. He has four adult daughters and three beautiful girls who call him “Grandad.”

About BELOVED Compassion Network

In 2020, Dale and his wife, Shelly Suggs (BS ’84, MS ’86, MS Spiritual Formation ’17), founded the BELOVED Compassion Network (BCN). BCN is committed to teaching meditative practices and practical strategies for cultivating compassion
for self and others AND putting that compassion into action!