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Everyone believes in compassion,
but no one teaches you how to practice it — until now!


Everyone deserves compassion.  Everyone can be taught how to cultivate compassion for self and others.  Every organization can become a “School of Compassion.”


To be an agent of transformation empowering individuals and organizations (religious, non-profit, for-profit, and government) to learn compassion, to teach compassion, and to put compassion into action.


To create a network of individuals and organizations trained and committed to teaching and embodying compassion to self and others and intentionally supporting one another in the journey.

Your gift will support the work of the Beloved Compassion Network and help cultivate genuine compassion for self and others transforming our world one person and one organization at a time.


is being moved in one’s depths by the pain or bliss of another and responding in ways that intend to ease their suffering and promote their flourishing.

—Dr. Frank Rogers, Jr., “Practicing Compassion

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